Les domaines de Provence

Typical meals

The flavors of Provence on your plate!

Typical meals

The flavors of Provence on your plate!

Typical home-made menus

During your stay, enjoy Provence by discovering its typical dishes, its intense flavors and its varied colors.

Valérie fait Maison offers menus and fresh Provencal dishes, for you and your friends.

Do not hesitate to ask us the realization of one of these dishes, or the making of one of the menus proposed!

Flyer décrivant les spécialités de Valérie aux Domaines de Provence

Provencal homemade dishes made by Valérie

Prices shown are for one share.

  • Black paëlla
    Black paëlla 15€

    Traditional dish made from round rice, originally from the Valencia region of Spain with dry anchor, chicken, lobster …

  • Ratatouille
    Ratatouille 12€

    Traditional culinary specialty of the cuisine of Nice, Provençale, made from Mediterranean vegetables, and olive oil.

  • Aïoli
    Aïoli 14€

    Traditional dish made from vegetables, fish, boiled egg and the famous aioli.

  • Tian de légumes
    Tian de légumes 12€

    Very colorful dish of Provence with our vegetables of Provence.

  • Small Stuffed from Nice
    Small Stuffed from Nice 14€

    Traditional dish or how to eat summer vegetables!

  • Homemade lasagna
    Homemade lasagna 14€

    Real homemade lasagna.

  • Feet and packages
    Feet and packages 17€

    Are part of traditional Provencal dishes.